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Press Release

ORIOMA responds to environmental needs with the launch of LOBX, a major innovation in the smart building sector.

Faced with growing demand for energy efficiency and environmentally-friendly solutions, ORIOMA is committed to meeting emerging needs in the smart building sector. The LOBX embodies this vision, offering an innovative response from French Silicon Valley to current concerns about intelligent building energy management.

At a time when the building sector accounts for 43% of current energy consumption in France, consumers are increasingly concerned about environmental issues, and are expressing a growing need for eco-responsible alternatives.

Aware of these concerns, ORIOMA is positioning itself as an emerging player in the sector by announcing the production launch of its new product, the LOBX, an innovative and concrete response to market expectations.

LOBX is designed to tackle today’s sustainability challenges in the smart building sector. The IoT sensor integrates advanced functionalities such as the measurement and regulation of air quality, ambient lighting and temperature, depending on the activity and number of occupants in a room. Taking all these factors into account in a single solution enables comprehensive, innovative building energy management.

Wireless installation, requiring just two screws, guarantees easy integration into any ecosystem, while providing an exceptional 15 years of maintenance-free autonomy. This practical approach, combined with cutting-edge functionalities, places LOBX at the heart of intelligent solutions for a sustainable future, adapting to any existing BMS system thanks to LoRaWAN.
ORIOMA invites professionals, companies and stakeholders to discover how LOBX can meet their specific energy management and sustainability needs.