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Empowering Energy Optimization for Revolutionary Building Efficiency


Optimize your building energy consumption by up to 26% with our cutting-edge innovation and achieve unparalleled ROI in less than a year!


Where Innovation meets sustainability

At ECB SENSORS, our vision is to provide a state-of-the-art, sustainable, and secure solution that facilitates energy optimization and management in buildings, seamlessly integrated with the smart grid. We are committed to upholding privacy while spearheading a revolution in energy utilization, thereby paving the way for a greener and more efficient future.

Discover the future of dollar saving, energy-efficient solutions with us!


Our mission is rooted in the commitment to innovate, oversee, and facilitate reduction, resulting in significant savings and environmental benefits for all buildings. Join us in advancing towards a more sustainable future.


Our solution…

Introducing ECB-SENSE: Our pioneering solution revolutionizing building efficiency. Designed for smart building, offices and cities. Our low-power, wireless and battery-less technology continuously supervise energy consuption, eliminating the need for multiple sensors.


Remarkable up to 26% reduction in energy consumption

Security-friendly design that ensures data protection

Eliminate multiple sensors, streamlined installation and maintenance


ECB-OPS is the ultimate all-encompassing box solution elevating your energy optimization experience to unprecedented heights. While ECB-SENSE guarantees an impressive 26% reduction in energy consuption, ECB-OPS takes it further while unlicking the full potential of the smart grid.


Unmatched Efficiency

Smart Grid Synergy

AI-Powered Precision

Partnership Advantage

Effortless Automation

Sustainable Choice

Joint the smart grid revolution with ECB-OPS – the future of energy management is here and starts with you


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